We've had many people have successful and good experiences here at Rick's. We encourage you to come down and see what we're about!

"Hi,  I had a very rare 95 Kawasaki GPZ 1100.  Never saw another one like it in twenty years.  It fell over at Ricks, and broke the part the shift lever is on.  Would you believe they had that part in stock!  They did.  Put it on for me while I waited, and charge $40 bucks.  Amazing!" Ron R., Yelp

"I called to try and find a gas tank for a 1983 Honda.i left my info and received a callback within 5 minutes.i picked it up the next day. The people at Rick's were great." John D., Google+

"Rick's Cycles Staff are true professionals and put the customer first. Their prices are very competitive as well. They sent me wrong part for my Suzuki, I brought it to their attention, and they shipped me the correct one free of charge that same day and it arrived two days later. Thank you Rick's Cycles." Steve P., Google +

"When my beloved motorcycle's engine died 2 years ago, I was crushed. Spent 2 years saving and looking for a new engine, but they were hard to find. Went to a local bike shop and they tried also. Eventually money and an engine surfaced at the same time. I found the engine online at Rick's. I had never heard of the store before, had no reference to know if they were good and didn't see this Facebook page. With a lot of hope, we ordered the engine and had it shipped. We left it wrapped on the crate and took to the shop for installation. My heart pounded as we drove to the shop.... Would the engine ne the right one, was it a good engine, did Rick sell me a good or bad one, was it going to work..... All my compounded fears melted away when the repair guy said... "oh, you got it from Rick's! That's excellent. He's a great, honest guy and it will be perfect or I know he will make it right!"

I sighed a great relief, being in south Texas and ordering an expensive used engine online from New Hampshire was terrifying.

I couldn't be happier. My beloved bike lives again! Hearing her purr and growl for the first time in 2 years was like having her back from the grave. I have Rick, in part, to thank for that.

Thanks for getting me on the road again!!! And.... Better than new because less miles on the engine than before.

So, if you are considering buying used parts... Stop considering and buy from Rick. You won't be disappointed fear not!" Niki H., Facebook

"I have been a customer of Rick's for years. Great service and great people. John and his service crew are top notch. They have been looking after my bikes going on almost 20 years now. From winter storage, bike service, and customization, they are my go to guys. Keep up the great work." Greg P., Facebook