Rick's Motorcycle SALVAGE

Why us? Rick's Motorcycles is your #1 place to shop for used stock & aftermarket parts & accessories. We specialize in ALL Japanese made motorcycles from the 80's up to current year as well as Harley Davidson, Snowmobiles & some ATV's.  NO dirt bikes, enduro's or Scooters.

Parts: Due to the extreme amount of parts we have in stock, we do not have our inventory listed on here - TOO many parts and NOT enough web space!  Please email us using the parts request form or directly @ 800-423-1320 ext 11.

Service Department: John in Service is working very hard to get all of these motorcycles fixed in a timely manner.  We are just waiting for this crummy weather to change so we can get bikes out of here and on the road! Bring in your toy now for a full tune up, oil change, tire change or any other repair. 

Motorcycle Sales: We currently have used motorcycles and ATV's for sale either with a clean or salvage title.  Please note: Salvage does NOT mean ruined or no good, it just means you will need to take an extra step to get the unit registered.